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Maurice Sunderland
    Maurice Sunderland ( MRAIC ARIBA ARCUK )

      Paintings are signed as MOSUN with the Year on canvas.
      Scale of paintings vary from 4'x'4' up to modules of 4'x6'.
      Murals are in range of 4' or 6' x 12' to give viewer feelings of being part of scene.

      The Artist is a registered architect in Canada, USA and Europe. In private Architectural/Engineering practice since 1956, and has produced $10B of projects. These include the three largest Mega Malls internationally :-
      • West Edmonton Mall - 5M sf
      • Mall of America - 5M sf
      • Grand Littoral Mall, France - 1.5M sf
      in addition to major Office Complex Single & Twin Tower in Canada & USA.

      Careers in the Arts commenced on his early years after arrival in Canada. Favorite subjects are as follows:-
      • Portraits - Childrens facial & overall personality
      • Dance - Expression of motion
      • Scenery - Waterfalls, Mountains
      • Flowers - Large feel of plantscape
      • Impressionism - Contemporary interpretation of themes
      • Family - Involvement of family and members in activities
      • Periods - Various settings of personalities in history
      • Action - Activities with a touch of humour, i.e. - Surfing, Judo, Football, Runners, Perpetual Motion, etc.

      The feeling is light hearted, a touch of fantasy, and imparts the fun of life.